Why Choose The Groundskeeper II?


The no break co-polymer head, fiberglass handle and music grade, torsion spring steel tines that make up The Groundskeeper II are all extremely durable, and built to stand up to the rigors of professional use. The handle is attached with a rivet so there is no screw to come loose. Many lawn care, landscape and tree care professionals trust and rely on The Groundskeeper II because of this.  Durability means you spend less time and money replacing cheap, disposable rakes, and less trash ends up in the landfill over the long run.  In the event they are damaged, replacement handles and tine kits are available from our dealers or by contacting us.

​​​In extreme northeastern Oklahoma at the bottom of the foothills of the Ozarks, we've got about 8 inches of top soil covering rocks, rocks, rocks. Any yard work ultimately includes dealing with rock. I have never found any yard tool that comes close to out performing the Groundskeeper II. When it comes to dealing with rock in your yard. I can't begin to tell you how much time and energy the GKII has saved me in raking and removing rocks, many of which I use for border landscaping as you can see in the picture. This is a great tool that I depend on almost daily. There is nothing like it. 

Pete Churchwell, Grove Oklahoma

Easy to use

​The use of modern materials like the unbreakable co-polymer head and fiberglass handle make The Groundskeeper II extremely lightweight. The angled, spring loaded tines make this rake dig in, requiring No Down Pressure. This allows you to rake standing straight up, taking pressure off of your back. This rake also self cleans with one pass on the ground when turned over. The combination of these features lets you work longer and accomplish more with less effort than traditional rakes. Increased efficiency cuts your raking time by as much as 25%, resulting in labor savings for both the home and business owner.  The swivel hanger at the end of the handle also allows for easy storage when not in use. 

I have to tell you this is one of my favorite tools that we have. Not only is it great for all the northwest evergreen tree branches that fall every year but it's my favorite tool doing horse chores. I use this when we are cleaning paddocks and it does a GREAT job, not only with raking dry manure but even when it is a muddy mess out. It will pull mud and manure along leaving rocks and gravel we have as a base. LOVE this tool, you guys should market it to horse people as well, it would work fantastic for cleaning stalls with shavings as well. We have had ours for several years now and would buy another one in a heartbeat. Great tool! 

Wade & Teri R. WA

This is the best rake that I have purchased and used. I have raked over 5 acres of ground with it effortlessly. It works great for raking leaves out of ivy vines and tall grass, raking gravel out of grass, and works great as a dethatcher. I have given one to each of my adult children and friends. I highly recommend this rake to all.

M. Burkholder VA 

Proudly Made in the

​USA by TRG Inc.



​The best rake I have ever owned. Very versatile and, most important, EASY ON MY BACK! Thank you for this innovative design.

Betsy D’Angelo WI 

Lightweight, yet strong enough to handle ANY job. I use it exclusively from moss removal to twig/branch collection throughout my “park” which contains 15 70+ foot pines. It’s greatest feature is the ability to limit what you rake up; allows you to take the debris without disturbing the mulch. You can also drag large quantities with little effort, thus limiting pile pick-ups. I recently broke my handle (actually ran over it with my truck) and was having withdrawals as I attempted to find a replacement locally. Luckily, Rick (at Groundskeeper) walked me through the removal of the handle from my 9″ and now I’m a happy raker again. BUY ONE !!!!



The Groundskeeper II can be used  for a variety of materials and tasks  including:

  • Leaves
  • Mulch
  • Pine straw
  • Sticks
  • Gravel
  • Stump grinder chips
  • De-thatching
  • Soil/Ground prep
  • Golf course bunkers
  • Shingles
  • Animal bedding​​ 

and many more. It also excels at cleaning tree debris in snow and long grass. Versatility means you spend less on specialized tools, and less tools to grab to prepare for your day.